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Advanced Healing Colloidal Silver Hydrogel


Spray in the day, advance healing at night.
Given all its might, here is our bragging rights.


Imagine a team of “smart colloidal silver soldiers” trained to seek, recognise and destroy nasty germs with a machine gun. 


Introducing Advanced Healing Hydrogel, a revolutionary uplift of Pets Truly’s Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water for enhanced treatment and healing of common conditions in pets! Building upon our domain expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we are the first in the world to derive a product that is highly effective for treatment of infected wounds and unprecedented acceleration in the healing process. 


The “intelligence” behind this hydrogel allows for rapid, impactful and sustained delivery to devastate any infection’s progression upon contact. When all the bad actors are eliminated, it keep guard to protect and seal the site while at the same time, switches over to work with your pet’s body in facilitating ideal microenvironment for healing. 


All of these potent properties are made possible without any interference with healthy cells, making it the safest and most powerful product ever being engineered. 


Apply a layer during bedtime and let it work its magic overnight.

Product Properties

  • Proven effectiveness for wounds with high pathogen load

  • Controlled release mechanism for impactful and sustained delivery

  • Rapid response to infected or hyper-inflamed skin conditions

  • Protect and seal injury site or lesions

  • Accelerates healing process to promote healthy tissue regeneration

  • Restores natural skin barrier function and improves cellular microenvironment

  • Suitable for use in oral-related conditions

  • Versatility for wide range of applications

So... Should we use Hydrogel or spray? Both!

Hydrogel_No Background 2.png

We’d love to see our pets going about their daily routine happily and freely, without any restrictions. In the day, they can be actively playing and may lick the Hydrogel away, making constant reapplication(s) inconvenient; though it is completely safe when ingested!


Treatment should be made easy, with considerations to their behaviours as well as the nature of the condition.


Albeit the Hydrogel being non-sticky and does not stain the surfaces of your tiles, we recommend spraying the Pets Truly Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water solution in the day and applying the Hydrogel at night for active conditions. This helps to consistently facilitate availability of Colloidal Silver throughout the day, and delivering the punch provided by the Hydrogel at night when your pet is less active and the body goes into healing mode.


Conditions may present in various forms, please visit the Product Guide page or DM our friendly Support Team whenever in doubt, they are always ready to provide guidance for you.

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