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Pets Truly is a Singapore-based nanotechnology company, creating medical-grade products that are backed by science and made possible with our relentless pursuit in pushing the technology boundaries. We are the global pioneer to successfully suspend non-ionic silver particles in electrolyzed water with proprietary novel workflows, presenting to you the best-in-class broad-spectrum antimicrobial solutions that are unparalleled in effectiveness, stability and safety for treatment of common conditions and even daily sanitisation.


All of Pets Truly's products are put through rigorous and independent assessments to establish the safety profile, with versatility in application before commercialisation. We adhere to the highest standards required of each and every product that we develop through industry level certifications.

The team behind Pets Truly is passionate that pets truly deserve the best and we believe that every journey with pets is a unique and treasured one. We are always here to listen to your story; customer centricity guides our product development roadmap.

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